The EArtH project stands at the confluence of art and climate science, reenvisioning historic paintings through the lens of contemporary climate projections. This initiative draws upon rigorous IPCC findings to reimagine artworks, aiming to foster a deeper public understanding and engagement with climate change’s impacts. Through this unique fusion, EArtH seeks to illuminate the pressing environmental challenges of our time, inviting reflection on our collective future and the role of art in environmental discourse.

Featured Artworks

The “Featured Artworks” section showcases a curated collection of historic paintings, reimagined to depict the effects of climate change. Each artwork, presented with before-and-after views, serves as a visual case study, blending artistic reinterpretation with scientific evidence to highlight specific impacts of climate change.

#1: Snow

The EArtH project’s debut post explores reimagining Monet and Monsted’s winter scenes under 2100 climate scenarios, highlighting art’s role in climate awareness and action.

Before: The original captures a moment frozen in time, showcasing the natural beauty and tranquility of a winter’s day.

After: Reimagined under the shadow of climate change, the same scene reflects an altered reality.

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Bianca Biess
Emma Holmberg
Valeria Mascolo
Anastasiya Shyrokaya
Aleksa Stankovic
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S.M. Yalçın

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