Welcome to EDIPI

Advancing science to help Europe face current and future Weather extremes.

Training Europe's new weather extreme experts

EDIPI (european weather Extremes: DrIvers, Predictability and Impacts) is an international consortium of universities, research centres and private companies aiming to further our holistic understanding of temperature, precipitation (incl. drought) and surface wind extremes over Europe.

One of EDIPI’s key goals is to train a cohort of Weather Extreme Experts, who combine a physical understanding of high-impact weather extremes with a practical knowledge of predictability tools and an appreciation of user-relevant information required by the private sector

EDIPI is funded under the European Commission’s H2020-MSCA-ITN programme.

The Beneficiaries

What we offer

EDIPI offers 14 Ph. D. positions in 8 different countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U. K.), with a start in 2021. The topics range from climate science to public health to applied mathematics, but always with an application to climate extremes in Europe.

The positions offer varied training opportunities in both technical and soft skills and international secondments to universities, research centres and private companies in Europe and beyond. Furthermore, all Ph. D.s come with generous funding, including a family allowance.

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