EDIPI Research Seminars

Emma Allwright (ESR 9), 16 June 2022

The topic of the presentation was “Dynamics of heat waves in Europe” and described the effects of human-induced climate change. In particular, it focused on the dynamics of heat waves, and is motivated as part of a broader study on the drivers, predictability and impacts of extreme weather events in Europe.

Emma Allwright standing in front of the screen, waiting for the presentation to start.

Aleksa Stankovic (ESR 1), 27 June 2022

The title of the presentation was “Droughts and extreme storms in the IPCC’s AR6: Taking a look at Chapter 11”. Aleksa briefly introduced the aformentioned chapter, discussed the urgency of addressing extreme events and gave an overview of the conclusions drawn by the IPCC commission on the two weather events: droughts and storms.